Inserting and editing category

How to Access

In the category manager click on toolbar icon New, or select category in the list and click on its title to edit it.


Categories can be used in two different ways.

As simple categories could contein other categories and/or templates, which allows to specify look and structure of editor button tree.

Other usage of categories is as Plugin container. If you choose in plugin field one of plugins, this category cannot contain other categories and/or templates, but will load its items in editor button tree dynamically according to plugin settings.





Title of this category. It is not allowed to have duplicate titles within parent category.


This note is for internall use, and will appear in the administration only.


Specify parent category of this category. In the [editor button( tree this category will appear as nested category within its parent. If you want to create category, which appears directly on the root, choose Uncategorized. Only simple categories (not plugin categories) can contain nested categories and/or templates.


Specify, if this category is pulished or not. Unpublished categories are not visible in the editor button tree.


Specify Access level of users, whose can see this category in the editor button tree.


Specify ordering of this category within its parent category. When new category is being inserted, this field is not enabled. New categories are implicitly ordered at the end of its parent category.


If you want to use category as plugin container select here plugin to use. I f you plan this category to be just normal category (containing other categories and/or templates), leave this empty.

Override plugin settings

If plugin is selected in Field plugin, leave this field unchecked to use thats plugin default settings (can be influenced from plugin edit page). If you want to specify different settings just check this field, and in the left column under parameters will appear new parameters just for this category.


This is internal Id of this category. It cannot be changed.


Load expanded

If expanded is chosen, then this category will be displayed as expanded when initially loaded into category tree in editor button.


On the toolbar you can find following icons:



Saves changes and stay in the edit mode.

Save & close

Saves changes and close the edit mode. Goes back to Category manager.

Save & New

Saves changes and open page to insert another category.

Save as Copy

Saves changes as new category.


Closes the edit form without saving changes and goes back to Category manager.


Will display help dialog.

Available plugins

Here you can find detailed description of available plugins, and its usage.