Position plugin


Position plugin brings possibility to choose Joomla! template position. You can choose if only positions containing published modules are shown, and the way selected position is inserted into the article.

This plugin was first presented in n3tTemplate 1.7.0.


Common usage of this plugin should be to make administrators life easier, when using Joomla! native LoadPosition plugin.

General Settings

Only published

If Yes selected, only positions containing published modules will be displayed.

If No selected, all positions will be displayed, regardless it contains any published modules.

Maximal count

Maximal items displayed. Empty value means no limit.

Output Settings


This setting influence the way selected file is inserted into the article.

  • Loadposition Plugin - Code for native Joomla! Loadposition plugin will be inserted.
  • Modules Anywhere Plugin - Code for popular Modules Anywhere Plugin will be inserted.
  • Custom - Selected module will be inserted into the article using the definition in the Custom code field.

Custom code

Specify the cutom code to insert into the article. Use any HTML code. Following occurances will be replaced

  • %POSITION% - chosen position. This is for example "user_1"