File plugin


File plugin brings possibility to choose file from your images directory or any other directly from the server. You can specify the home directory for choosing file, filter on displayed files, and define the way how selected file is inserted to article.

This plugin was first presented in n3tTemplate 1.7.2.


This plugin could be used to create links to files stored on server (such as documents) or to select video file and insert AllVideos Plugin code to article.

General Settings

Base path

This is root directory, where files starts to display. It defaults to images. Be carefull setting this path, as wrong valu can reveal files on your webserver to unauthorized people.


Comma separated file extensions to display. Empty valu means display all file types.

Maximal depth

How many levels of directory tree to display. Empty value means no limit. 0 (zero) means files only within the base path are displayed. Any other number means how many levels of subfolders could be displayed.

Maximal count

Maximal items displayed within one directory. This includes subfolders and/or files. Empty value means no limit.

Output Settings


This setting influence the way selected file is inserted into the article.

  • Link to File - Simple link to file will be inserted. Textof the link will be the filename including extension.
  • AllVideos Plugin - Code for AllVideos Plugin will be inserted.
  • Custom - File will be inserted into the article using the definition in the Custom code field.

Custom code

Specify the cutom code to insert into the article. Use any HTML code. Following occurances will be replaced

  • %BASENAME% - chosen filename with extension
  • %FILENAME% - chosen filename without extension
  • %EXTENSION% - chosen file extension
  • %PATH% - path to chosen file relative to basepath
  • %FILEPATH% - chosen filename including path relative to basepath
  • %BASEPATH% - base path from the settings