n3t Template

n3tTemplate component is content templating extension for Joomla. Some of it features are:

  • Define templates (code snippets) in the backend, categorize it, publish it, asssign access level to it etc..
  • Access the tree of such defined templates by button displayed below the editor of content article, and insert it to your editor.
  • Define which template should automatically load to editor for which content category.
  • Specify template which will be automatically prepended or appended to content article in specific category.
  • Use powerfull plugin system, to select other content than templates (files, folders, or even youtube videos) and insert links to it or 3rd party plugin codes to display it.
  • Use indirect templating to display same code in many articles, and still have chance to modify it on one place.


This documentation is based on n3t Template 1.7.7 on Joomla! 2.5. For Joomla! 3.x is documentation in progress, however most of n3t Template parts didn't change so much, so only user interface looks different.